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Phantom Condition Monitoring Sensors are small devices created to record vibration and send it to the cloud or to a local database using an intermediary device called “gateway”.

These Vibration Sensors make possible to monitor the condition of your machine very easily.  The facility in mounting them and the lack of cables make them ideal for quick and cost-effective installations. Phantom Wireless vibration sensors send Waveforms and Spectra, reaching a bandwidth of 10 kHz and 6400 lines of resolution.

To save battery, Phantom® sensors also send RMS values ​​in velocity (internal integration) and have an internal alarm that users can remotely program to wake up in case of high vibration.

Condition Monitoring Sensors – Transmit Spectra Wirelessly

Phantom Condition Monitoring Sensors are capable of sending FFT Spectra and waveforms through BLE 5.0 wireless protocol. In return, they consume very little energy and achieve distances of up to 250 meters in line of sight or 100 meters with intermediate walls (these distances depend on the thickness of the walls)

Phantom Condition Monitoring sensors have a bandwidth of 10 kHz and Amplitude Range of + – 8G configurable to up to + -32 G. Excellent for detailed vibration analysis. Additionally, spectrum interval is also adjustable. In order to save battery, configure your wireless vibration sensors to send data in intervals ranging from 10 minutes to several days.

Wake up with high vibration / Internal integration

Our wireless condition monitoring vibration sensors spend asleep 95% of the time in order to extend their battery life. However, they have an internal processor capable of measuring the vibration every 30 seconds and integrating it to assess whether it is outside the configurable permissible limits. In case of finding vibration values above the threshold, Phantom will wake up and immediately and send an alarm signal to the cloud that can also reach your mobile phone if you wish.

Once the alarm has been sent, Phantom will not send another alarm unless it detects a vibration value greater than 25% of the previous alarm value.

Monitoring Sensors with Great Battery life

The battery is designed to last from 2 to 6 years depending on the use, working temperature and distance between the sensor and the Gateway. The battery is totally replaceable, extending the life of the sensor protecting your investment.

Condition Monitoring Sensors – Designed for exterior and interiors

Our wireless condition monitoring sensors resist exposure to sun and rain. In fact, they comply with the IP67 standard. Furthermore, they are also very easy to install, through their rubbed 1/4 – 28 UNF. Just fix the base plate to the machine with epoxy glue and the vibration sensor will be screwed to it.

Integrated Temperature

Our wireless sensors include an internal temperature meter that will serve 2 purposes. Bring information to the temperature trending of the machine and Alert when the machine is outside the configured levels. It will also send an alert if the sensor detects that it is in danger because of the temperature.

The sensor has an operating range of -10º C to 85º C and the range can be extended with appropriate thermal insulators.

Condition monitoring application for Windows

Digivibe Vibration Analysis Application is compatible with all of our Phantom Sensors. Thus, Digivibe is able to connect to the cloud or to any local database to analyze the data sent by your Phantom sensors.

Digivibe is an application dedicated to the analysis of vibrations, trends, bearings and even 3D simulations. Additionally, with Digivibe you can configure all your sensors in a fast and intuitive way.

Mobile Application for Phantom

Wiser Vibe application handles Phantom sensors information as well as most of the information related to vibration analysis. You should use Wiser Vibe if you desire to:

Receive notifications of alarms on your cell phone when the vibration of your machines reduces the acceptable level.

Analyze the vibration spectra in your phone. You can view waveforms and spectra in all available parameter such as velocity, displacement or acceleration envelope in order to fully analyze your bearings or gearboxes.

Analyze the trends and statistics of your machines through graphics created specially to facilitate the detection of abnormal behavior.

Download Wiser Vibe here:

Web Application for Phantom

We created EI-Analytic so that you can view your machinery without having to install any additional programs. Just Login and review your trends, statistics and spectra. Additionally, you are able to change the configurations from the site as well as checking battery life of all your sensors.

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