Some people think that if they buy a “good” motor they will almost certainly have a reliable motor drive system. This is not necessarily the case. To help ensure that your “good” motor will reliably do the job it was meant to do — and achieve its life cycle goals — a comprehensive motor management program must be in effect.

Our motor management program was created by a group of engineers and condition-based maintenance professionals from facilities and equipment services, known internally as the equipment reliability improvement team. It works with reliability issues of motors, driven equipment, lubrication, vibration, motor current analysis, amperage and thermography.

The team performed a detailed assessment of motor reliability requirements and used them as guidelines for managing motors in different plants.

Our motor management program applies to NEMA frame motors 1 hp and above and includes the following:

  • New motor specification
  • Inventory and motor tagging
  • New installations
  • Modifications, moves, and rebuilds
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Spares and motor storage
  • Proper application and failure analysis
  • Quality

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