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Rotary Mart has started with services, inspection and supplies of Fans/blowers including Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, Thermal Imaging, Onsite Balancing and then after concentrating on the repair of existing fans and equipments i.e. housing, shaft reworks, bearing sizing and mounting and dismounting for the industrial market, Rotary Mart has now developed a range of centrifugal and axial fan designs that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Our custom fan designs allow us to adapt our fan range to meet any design requirement. We have our own manufacturing facility where all our fans are designed and manufactured in-house.

Heavy-Duty, Custom-Engineered Fans

Family owned workshop of our founder Ahmed having 40 years of experience covering all fan engineering applications enables us to offer the following specialized services:

  • Design, manufacture, supply and service of heavy-duty fans for any application
  • Custom-engineered fans
  • Refurbishment and repairs to any existing fan installations, including the supply of spares
  • Specialized on-site services, including performance testing, balancing, repairs and installation
  • Consulting services related to all fan applications

Industrial Axial Fans

Our industrial axial fans are manufactured using aluminum, cast iron and steel blades. We manufacture and supply the following kinds of axial fans for industrial applications:

  • Fixed and adjustable pitch fans
  • In-line axial fans (direct or belt driven)
  • Jet and main cooler fans
  • Centri-axial high-pressure axial flow fans
  • Guide vane axial fans suitable for higher pressure requirements

Centrifugal Fans

We provide centrifugal fans that are suitable for all applications, including those with high-temperature, corrosion and wear considerations. We can supply centrifugal fans in sizes from 300mm to 3,200mm, manufactured using materials such as carbon and high-tensile steel, stainless steel and high-performance alloys. Our range includes:

  • Backward aerofoil bladed fans for clean air / gas applications with very high efficiencies
  • Backward curve bladed fans for clean air / gas applications with high efficiencies
  • Forward curved – radial tip bladed fans for dirty / dusty applications with good efficiencies
  • Radial bladed fans for severe dust and wear applications
  • Single and double inlet fans with capacities up to 500m³/s

Fan Control Equipment

We supply a range of fan control equipment, including:

  • Radial vane inlet control equipment
  • Variable inlet vane control equipment
  • Dampers and isolation dampers (high temperature and pressure)
  • Variable speed – fluid coupling and electric VSD

Auxiliary Products for Industrial Fans

Our fan range is complemented by various optional auxiliary products:

  • Ducting and drift work
  • Fan control dampers and speed control
  • Self-closing doors and air-lock doors
  • Compensators and expansion joints
  • Silencers and acoustic insulation
  • Filters
  • Vibration and temperature protection instrumentation and control panels
  • Electric motors, diesel drives and steam turbine drives
  • RME special heavy-duty oil ring lubricated fan bearings and dual bearing boxes

Manufacture and Fabrication Services for Industry

In addition to our range of fans, blowers and fan control equipment, we also provide the following manufacture and fabrication services to the industry:

  • Duct dampers and shut-off dampers
  • General steel fabrication – medium to heavy
  • Plate work fabrication
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Welding, bending, rolling
  • Blast cleaning and painting

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