Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

Vibration Analysis

Vibration is a characteristics found in all rotating equipment’s. Machine Vibration is simply the back-and-forth movement of any machine or machine component, and is generally caused by repeating forces acting on the machine, loose machine parts or resonance.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras are a unique tool to determine when and where the maintenance is needed, for electrical and mechanical installations tend to get hot before they fail. By discovering these hot-spots with a thermal imaging camera, preventive action can be taken.

Dynamic Balancing

Dynamic Balancing is the practice of spinning an object at a high rate of speed and adjusting the balance or removing the vibration by subtracting or adding weight. This the most common method of balancing a drive shaft, an engine crank shaft etc.

Laser Alignment

Alignment is a process to make two or more rotating shafts co-linear, or in the same straight line, both vertically and horizontally. Shaft alignment can be done in many ways but one of the most accurate and fastest is laser alignment.It can also measure long-span alignments.
Laser Belt Alignments

Laser Belt Alignment

Our aim is to provide the best predictive maintenance services and solutions to our clients in a challenging environment and become the best solution provider. With advanced wireless laser alignment systems Rotary Mart has successfully performed Laser Belt Alignment in every critical.

Gas Leak Detection

Almost all industrial setups utilizes various types of gases in their process. These gases have been transported via piping network in different plant areas. It is precedented that there always be the gas leakages occur in piping network and accessories.

Motor Management Program

Our motor management program was created by a group of engineers and condition-based maintenance professionals from facilities and equipment services, known internally as the equipment reliability improvement team.


Boroscopes are commonly used in the visual inspection of engines, industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines etc. Gas and steam turbines require particular attention because of safety and maintenance requirements. Boroscope inspection of engines.

Compressed Air Leak Detection

Compressed air leak detection is the process of identifying and locating leaks in a compressed air system. Compressed air is widely used in various industrial applications for powering tools, equipment, and machinery, but it can be costly to generate and maintain.

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