Alignment Procedure
When we perform alignment on any machine, we should all follow the set procedure, a simple and effective procedure for doing shaft alignment.

First we perform the Pre-Alignment Checks;

• Safety procedures
• Lockout/tag out of the machine
• Visual inspection of the foundation, ground and baseplate
• Clean-up, remove rust, scale, paint and dirt from the bottom and around the feet
• Replace damaged shims with new. Filling obvious gap under the feet.

Secondly we perform a Rough Alignment and Rough Soft Foot correction simultaneously. The goal is to eliminate coupling strain and ensure that the machine is align able.

The third step is Initial Alignment Check with the laser system to ensure measurement repeatability and that the misalignment is less then 15th thousands (0.015”) at the coupling.

In the fourth step, we diagnose and correct soft foot with the assistance of the laser system. Aim to have all soft foot readings within two thousands.

Finally, in the fifth and last step we measure the Alignment, make corrections and achieve the final alignment to any required targets within tolerances.

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